What’s going on with me…

It’s been some months since I’ve posted anything to my Blog page…I know…I know.
I like to have a purpose behind my writing, whether it’s writing a book or a blog to share stories or information that will inspire someone else. I don’t like to write about just anything to say that I was able to get some content down; it’s not my style or who I am as an author. With that being said, I’ve been thinking a lot about my brand lately and what I want my blog to focus on. I’ve actually had this conversation with the editor-in-chief of my publisher quite a few times. I just love her!
While I was sitting at my computer this week working on marketing ideas, it finally came to me – Women, Love, and Romance (WRL). It’s what I love to talk about, so why not blog about it! I plan to start posting next month in April. Make sure to sign up on my mailing list to receive email notifications. #CleanRomance at its best.
Let’s chat about it.

Who’s Your Doorstopper?

Steve Harvey said something profound yesterday, “Discipline determines your destiny not your desire.”
You can desire for your dreams to come true all you want, but without some type of effort on your end it’s going to remain just that – a dream.

If your gift is writing and you desire to publish a novel, then write at least one sentence today. That’s one sentence more than you had yesterday.

If your desire is to own your own business, then call around for rates, or talk to an owner in that field about start-up ideas. That’s one call towards the start of your dream. Please do not get offended if someone does not want to help. Brush it off and call someone else. Don’t allow one person to become your doorstopper.

If you’re called to start a ministry, then do some research today, or talk to a leader in that particular ministry who can provide guidance…and always pray first about it.

If music is your passion and you’re finding it hard to crack into the business, then start at a level that’s attainable for you. I love to sit outside at restaurants and listen to local musicians play on a beautiful summer day. Contact a restaurant or town center to see about playing for them on a busy weekend. All you need is one well-connected person to hear your music. Music execs have to eat too, right?

We’ve all been blessed with gifts. It’s time to use them. If you keep putting it off and saying tomorrow or next month or next year, you’re going to look up and see all the time that’s been wasted…time that you cannot get back. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, but you have today to make a difference.

Dream BIG! Live Greater! Aspire to live the life that’s meant for you. And please do not blame someone else for not getting it done. Kick the doorstopper out of the way (only you know what’s blocking you) and push the door open to walk into your destiny.

This is the year to get it done. 

Book Clubs

For groups in the Hampton Roads, Richmond, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas, I’m available to meet with your book club to discuss my books. I’m also available to join book club meetings via Skype in other areas of the country.
To make arrangements, complete the contact form on my website. I’d love to hear from you!

The Time Is Finally Here!

I can’t believe this day has finally arrived! On the eve of my book launch, I have a lot of emotions running through me. I’m EXCITED – that’s a given – but also thankful to have another opportunity to have my work published. I started to write When Love’s Knot Enough (originally called To Marry or Not to Marry) almost two years ago. It didn’t take me that long to finish the first draft, but it was a process to get it just right.
I was sitting up on a weekday night (when I should have been asleep) watching a Real Housewives television show when the book idea came to me. A story about a woman who has been married twice and now has a phobia of doing it again. I immediately started to write the next day; however, if you’re familiar with my writing style from my first book (When it’s Time to Walk Away), you know I like to write with a purpose behind it.
Mariah Langston, my leading character, has it all. She is a top executive at a marketing firm that is dominated by men (this doesn’t bother her), has a wonderful life outside of work, including a dedicated, gorgeous man who supports her beliefs. She doesn’t want to get married again, and he is fine with it…or so she thinks.
Don’t let the rings on the front cover fool you – this is not just another wedding book. This book is about letting go of your past in order to get to where you need to be in the present. Holding onto baggage is never good. From the outside, no one would believe Mariah, who is successful in all she does, has deep embedded issues that control her life. This can cause someone who has it all to lose out on what’s most important because they just can’t let go of the past. I have a sample chapter to share with you on my book landing page Book Landing Page.
Be sure to let me know what you think about Mariah’s story. Do you think love is enough?

Picking the cover

Finishing a manuscript is one of the most rewarding experiences for an author. Picking the cover is just as exciting! I’m a cover person, so this is my favorite part. If the cover doesn’t grab me, there’s a chance that I will not read the summary.
For the past couple weeks, I’ve been involved in the cover design process for my next book. I like to think about the readers and what will draw their attention to the book. After reviewing various proofs, I believe the designer has created a beautiful cover. It’s elegant with an eye-catching design that flows perfectly with the title. The cover is scheduled to be revealed soon! I look forward to sharing it with you. Thank you for your loving support.

When Love’s Knot Enough – Coming April 7, 2015

Where do I find the time?

When people hear that I’m an author of a published book, their first question is always, “Where do you find the time?” My professional associates are amazed that someone with our busy schedules can find the time to do anything else. So where do I find the time? Well, I write in my head (not literally, but definitely take mental notes) when I’m driving to work and get an idea, when I’m at work on a lunch break, during the late hours after I put my son down for bed, and…I think you get the idea. I just make the time. It’s as simple as that. There’s no special time or place that I set aside to do my writing. When a potential storyline manifests, I have to be ready with a recorder or a pen to jot down my idea. It’s no different than making time to watch your favorite television show during a busy work week, or running to your favorite retail store because there’s a 25% off sale.
My creativity doesn’t just stop because one story has come to an end. It continues on and on to a new chapter. So with this being said, I challenge you to make time to do what you love to do. You never know where finding a second in your busy schedule can take you. For me, it takes me to an empty page on my computer screen where I can create a character that can be as sweet as pie one minute, but turn into a villain in a blink of an eye. I enjoy taking readers on a ride that will give them something to talk about after they close the book. It’s what I love to do. So find the time to do what you love to do. Make it happen!