bioI always knew I would be a writer someday. Growing up as a child, it was hard to catch me without a book in my hand. I enjoyed reading books and seeing how the characters came to life just by a thought from the author’s mind. It didn’t take long before my own creativity started to flow, and I started to write my own stories. I firmly believe when God gives you a gift that is implanted in you from birth, He will see it through and allow it to come to light at the appropriate time.

I published my first book right after I was married. I had already finished my Master’s degree and was working in the IT industry in Northern Virginia. It took me three months to finish the first draft of When it’s Time to Walk Away. Whenever I write, I always try to write with a purpose to leave behind a message that will inspire someone. Therefore, I wanted the mistakes made by the women in this book to be a message to all women. I wanted to encourage them to make better choices when faced with the same challenges, and recognize when it is time to walk away from arduous situations.

While attending book signings, so many people have asked how I remain so focused to finish a book. My response has always been, “If you’re passionate about something, you’ll want to work on it every day until it’s complete.” Even with the other many hats I love wearing as a wife, mother, and a business woman, I believe it’s important to dedicate the necessary attention to my craft as an author in order to be successful. This is my advice to anyone looking to become a published author.

My second novel, When Love’s Knot Enough, took me about eight months to produce my first draft. I’m very excited about this book because it really shows my growth as a published author; it’s also my first novel in the contemporary romance genre.

Women, Love, and Romance is what I know best, so I choose to write about it! Stay tuned for more to come and as always Happy Reading!