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“When Love’s Knot Enough” was an enjoyable read. It was neatly packaged with just the perfect amount of riff to attest to being a realistic read. Relationships are challenging whether bound by marriage vows or trust. Sometimes the ties that bind aren’t strong enough but decisions have to be made because the changes affect everyone. There were no spine tingling scenes, it was merely a smooth read. The storyline was well developed filtered with engaging characters, plots and the dialogue was tastefully penned and is entertaining enough to hold the readers’ interest. I would recommend this read.

OOSA Online Book Club

When it’s Time to Walk Away was a pleasure to read because the storyline is realistic and the authors depiction of her characters emotions were wonderfully conveyed. I also enjoyed that the author discussed taboo topics and was creatively able to weave together a story that readers would enjoy as well as a message sprinkled as well. I look forward to reading more from Ayesha L.Shoulders because she has the key components that make her writing style refreshing….

Kisha Green “Literary Jewels”

When Love’s Knot Enough
This book made me believe in second chances. If you want to read a very warm and feel good novel this is the book that you need to read. I could easily see this being an afternoon movie. Curl up with a warm blanket some hot chocolate and this book you won’t be disappointed.

Author B. Swangin Webster

Ayesha L. Shoulders’ “When It’s Time to Walk Away” is a genuine story that determines true friendship amongst friends. It’s a well written novel. I loved the way the author dramatizes the story at times with past secrets of the characters. There is not much that I disliked about this novel as it held my attention from the beginning to the end. I would definitely look for more novels from this author moving forward. Good Job! …

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When Love’s Knot Enough
Author Ayesha Shoulders has created a perfect yet realistic storyline because of the main character, Mariah because her fears and apprehension are very emotionally accurate and as a reader that is something that I look for when reading novels. This is my second book by the author and I can honestly say that I see growth in her writing and this new story was very refreshing and fans of romance and chick literature will definitely enjoy this novel and find themselves ranting and raving throughout the book because of the dynamics with the characters and the plot.

Kudos to Ayesha for a great follow up with When Love’s Knot Enough and I look forward to reading more from this talented writer.

Kisha Green for Literary Jewels

When it’s Time to Walk Away
When I’m done reading a good book I usually take time to reflect on the characters, themes, and lessons I have learned from it. When it’s Time to Walk Away is a very good read. I love reading a book that deals with relatable issues/situations.
Author Ayesha Shoulders did an exceptionally job showing how friendships can go through the ups & downs, and how you can end up learning more about yourself through it all. Knowing when to stay or to walk away can relate to all areas of your life. I look forward to reading more from this Author. I recommend this book for your reading pleasure.

Orsayor Simmons “Book Referees”

When Love’s Knot Enough
Old hangups and fears have a way of causing disharmony and chaos in the lives of 2 people that love each other dearly. Will love be enough to keep them together or will Mariah’s apprehension tear them apart? The author pulls you into the story of Mariah and Isaac by giving both of their sides to an amazing tale of love. Any reader will be drawn to both characters all the while hoping for the best.

Zandra Barnes “AAMBC Reviewer”