Who’s Your Doorstopper?

Steve Harvey said something profound yesterday, “Discipline determines your destiny not your desire.”
You can desire for your dreams to come true all you want, but without some type of effort on your end it’s going to remain just that – a dream.

If your gift is writing and you desire to publish a novel, then write at least one sentence today. That’s one sentence more than you had yesterday.

If your desire is to own your own business, then call around for rates, or talk to an owner in that field about start-up ideas. That’s one call towards the start of your dream. Please do not get offended if someone does not want to help. Brush it off and call someone else. Don’t allow one person to become your doorstopper.

If you’re called to start a ministry, then do some research today, or talk to a leader in that particular ministry who can provide guidance…and always pray first about it.

If music is your passion and you’re finding it hard to crack into the business, then start at a level that’s attainable for you. I love to sit outside at restaurants and listen to local musicians play on a beautiful summer day. Contact a restaurant or town center to see about playing for them on a busy weekend. All you need is one well-connected person to hear your music. Music execs have to eat too, right?

We’ve all been blessed with gifts. It’s time to use them. If you keep putting it off and saying tomorrow or next month or next year, you’re going to look up and see all the time that’s been wasted…time that you cannot get back. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, but you have today to make a difference.

Dream BIG! Live Greater! Aspire to live the life that’s meant for you. And please do not blame someone else for not getting it done. Kick the doorstopper out of the way (only you know what’s blocking you) and push the door open to walk into your destiny.

This is the year to get it done. 

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