Do Authors Get Tired?

Do Authors Get Tired?

YES! Simple as that – especially if being a writer is not your full-time job.  I rarely write about myself, if you review my past blog posts. It’s time for you to know the woman behind my two books. I’m a mom of a busy seven-year-old boy, full-time technical instructor during the day for a demanding program, a supervisor, and when I’m not at my day job I’m thinking about marketing ideas for my books, my next storyline, what to blog about, and the time to set aside to do it all…yes, authors do get tired.

Sometimes I’m not motivated to write because I’ve had a long day, or I miss the opportunity to write due to a hectic schedule. And let’s not get started on social media posts…it’s imperative to maintain a good social media presence due to the times we’re living in now…if you’re not on the World Wide Web your business doesn’t exist!

I know this blog may not sound encouraging to aspiring writers, and trust me I would never want to discourage anyone. I wrote this blog to educate readers on what life may be like for their favorite author or even yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if this happens. You’re not alone. I’ve had plenty of chats with my author friends, and we’ve all experienced this at some point. The key is to find your groove and stick with it. If I have a class I have to teach during the week, then I’ll work on marketing plans the weekend before or prepare social media posts ahead of time. Authors do not have to be creative in just their writing, but also in how they market their work too.

Before I even allow time for procrastination to set in, I think about the fact that I’ve been blessed to have had two books published, so I make sure that I set aside the time to market my work. This is what keeps me going! If I get off track for a couple days, I hop right back on the bandwagon and keep it moving.  It’s called Life! Things are going to come up that takes precedence, but the key is to find your groove and stick with it. Ultimately, I have to be honest, the amount of work you put in your writing will determine the amount success you receive back, so keep this in mind.

What makes it all worthwhile for me is to read an honest review from a new reader. To read a review that says the reader enjoyed my book and would love to read a sequel! This speaks in volumes to me and gives me the extra boost I need to keep on writing when I’m tired!

Until next time…Happy Reading!


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